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Richiedi informazioni sul prodotto: LINEA ORTHOPHOS ANALOGICO
LINEA ORTHOPHOS ANALOGICO Apparatus for computerized tomography of the mouth with panoramic films 15x30 cm and 18x24 cm format film teleradiografie with symmetrical and asymmetrical 24x30 cm.
Bench moving motorized height adjustment.
Remote programmer to determine the dose to the patient with digital dose data and program of work chosen.
facilitated positioning of the patient through localizing light.
can control the patient during radiographic positioning thanks to the opening flag of the Tape media.
Accessibility patients with disabilities or handicapped equipped wheelchair.
Richiedi informazioni sul prodotto: LINEA ORTHOPHOS DIGITALE
LINEA ORTHOPHOS DIGITALE For the new generation dell'ORTHOPHOS Sirona has developed a system that: speeds up the patient positioning and improves its effectiveness, enhances the power of the radiation source, increase and improve the types of available programs, streamline processes and increase the quality of 'image (QIP).
' was thus achieved the objective of obtaining a device expandable to simplify the operations while significantly improving image quality for diagnosis and for safe investment protection.
In particular:
the interface of the new "multipads" integrated uses simple icons and intuitive, the diaphragm is most suitable compound automatically depending on the program requested;
thanks to the positioning of the front teeth on the groove of the bite, incisors are always on the line of focus, so it is only necessary adjustment, with two lights, the plan mid-sagittal and one in Frankfurt, without unnecessary complications and subjective evaluations in addition, and based poggiafronte motorized and temples comfortable stabilize the patient, directed toward the mirror and not toward the operator, is not stimulated to perform involuntary movements generated by the look that follows the figure, a faster patient positioning is so associated with better results.
Richiedi informazioni sul prodotto: SISTEMA 3D GALILEOS
SISTEMA 3D GALILEOS It's a revolutionary equipment for the dental practice, as designed to meet 100% of the needs of a dental practice with an easy to use even higher than that of a Orthopantomography.
Galileos is a system which proposes a' User Interface and a software intuitive and easy to use, allows for patient positioning fast and stable, can capture and display with a single scan the entire volume of oral-maxillofacial area, has a high number of diagnostic tools "user friendly" and provides a totally integrated workflow, from capture to treatment planning.
Richiedi informazioni sul prodotto: RIUNITI  FONA
RIUNITI FONA The Sirona - FONA demands on comfort and ergonomics: the patients are lying comfortably in the optimal position for their backs and doctors can only focus on his work with new concepts in treatment, with tools at hand and greater freedom of movement for arms and legs.